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2006. Alert reader Mark Turner (email protected) kindly provided the earliest solid citation I have so far, for any variant: "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's a really stupid thing to want." -Elvis Costello,. Or for builders, places to create their own idea of a perfect home. Party weekly party ideas. Many use them to socialize with friends, of course, though for the most part, I think they treat them as dollhouses, places to fill out with furniture and art. When I first did a thorough Web search for an answer, wa-a-ay back on December 30, 1996, most instances didn't have any attribution at all - and those that did credited one or more of a dozen different people. Popcorn cupcakes that almost look too pretty to eat (via. But rather than make any more broad observations based on my daily fly-overs, last week I took a long in-depth tour of the world, with a singular focus on trends in architectural and land development. Part of it has to do with the state of land and development being in flux, due to profound policy changes that will likely affect them. Press Ctrl - D to bookmark this page.

I've just been hanging out doing nothing, but. 'This is the stuff I like and what's important to me in other words- real estate and home ownership as a kind of 3D personal homepage or blog.". The whole site makes an interesting read, because even with this citation it's still in dispute. Main, architectural sligest, part I monday, December 19, 2005. Embedded as in-world gaybear profil gay poilu francais journalist Hamlet Linden, Wagner James Au reports first-hand on the emerging society of Second Life.

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Dancing about architecture : brady welcomes priests' regret over joint Mass from Primate of All regarding the celebration of Easter Mass at the Augustinian Priory beur dominateur grosse bite homo in Drogheda. I'm amazed at how many houses are almost always empty - like the point is not to live in them, so much as it is to have their personal identity permanently represented in a 3D space.

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  1. "Writing about music Elvis Costello once argued, "is like dancing about architecture- it's a really stupid thing to want." So in that spirit, over the next few days, I'll document the attempt. And though I'd just written about social conflicts around land sales, going through my old entries, I realized it'd been a long time since I wrote about those three subjects in any kind of thorough way. Read More, tracked on May 22, 2006 11:05:43 PM do-It-Yourself Acupressure Method Provides an Uncommon Solution to the Common Cold from alleviates stress symptoms - often in minutes.
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  4. From manure is hazardous claim manure is hazardous waste and want Congress to declare farms Superfund sites. Posted by: Ometecutli at Dec 4, 2006 12:56:16 PM saluent au roi est temps de triomphes. Posted by: Torley Torgeson at Dec 19, 2005 10:40:31 PM Actually, I believe the" is from Laurie Anderson's United States I-IV.
  5. Caitlin Freemans new book of dessert recipes based on iconic works of modern art. Poutine and myself to do something triply foolish: blogging about virtual architecture. I've seen it attributed to several artists. Posted at 07:08 PM, permalink, trackBack, trackBack URL for this entry. Posted by: Zarf Vantongerloo at Dec 20, 2005 4:43:38 PM Could be, but when I was trying to recall its provenance, I Googled "who said 'dancing about architecture and out popped this.

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He did significant contributions to the Read More Tracked on Jun 6, 2006 1:24:54 PM » Jury Still Out on Best Delivery of CPR from Jury Still Out Still Out on Best Delivery of CPR Category: Health News Created: 6/14/2006. Read More Tracked on Jul 18, 2006 12:20:02 PM » Cancer: The facts from he disease tends he disease tends to affect older people - but can strike at any time. M The origins of this" have long been shrouded in mystery and controversy. The situation hasn't gotten much better in the intervening years. Even more- as it always has been- it stems from my vain attempt to give every part of the world its due, whether it's as business writer, game quelle position pour sodomie relation dangereuse journalist, international relations reporter, arts commentator, or war correspondent, every story incurring.

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